Competência em Filmes de Proteção



“We are standing behind our people; and otherwise.” This statement by Lutz Runkel, Managing Director of POLIFILM, captures the essence of what working at POLIFILM is all about. We offer a perspective for the future to everyone who wishes to work with us. We only employ people of whom we believe that we want to hold on to them for a long time. And who, in return, can see themselves working with us for quite some time. This does not mean that our employees should or could not develop further. On the contrary. People looking for international perspectives will find them with us. Those wishing to input their qualities on a regional level, can take on a position locally. Many of our employees remain loyal to POLIFILM from their training through to their retirement. And in some cases, even the next generation is working at POLIFILM. is our way of securing the future. Just as our commitment in the sector of further and advanced education: Those wishing to advance in our company will get their opportunity to qualify accordingly. In short: we are not just a family-owned company. At POLIFILM, we are a true family. If you would like to join us: We would love to hear from you.