Competência em Filmes de Proteção

PFB Polifilm

PFB POLIFILM do BRASIL is a distributor of POLIFILM PROTECTION GmbH in Germany, one of the global leaders in the production and distribution of polyethylene films for surface protection and also in extrusion films. PFB POLIFILM do BRASIL was founded in 2013 to provide a broad service to POLIFILM customers in South America, recognized for its quality. POLIFILM has had its products distributed in Brazil since 1996, through commercial agents and direct imports. In 2013, the Group decided to establish itself in Jundiaí, an important industrial center in the state of São Paulo, later changing its distribution to Várzea Paulista – neighboring city – in january 2020. PFB POLIFILM do BRASIL is committed to finding the ideal film for the protection of your materials, using our global network –, and specialized knowledge to deliver the highest quality in products and services.